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Lotus Flower


I’ve gone through so many beautiful highs and intense lows in my life. These mental, physical, and spiritual lows have brought me to where I am today.

There were mental lows... Where I felt anxiety and panic so intensely I couldn’t function in my daily life. My ex husband couldn’t leave me in the car to go to a convenience store without me having a full on panic attack.  I experienced anger that was so toxic it would put me in constant shame spirals. 

There were physical lows... Such as my brain surgery that didn’t go so well, with multiple hospital stays. I experienced weight gain and nutritional breakdowns, because I couldn’t figure out how to take care of myself properly. I abused medications that were supposed to help me, because I didn’t have any other tools.

There were spiritual lows... I lost 2 extremely important people in my life after recovering from my brain surgery. My grief led me to question my spiritual beliefs, to experience survivor's guilt, and to struggle with suicidal thinking. 

With the help of therapists, doctors, alternative medicine, coaches, friends, and family, I found my way. My desire is to pass on all my knowledge, skills, experience, and training to people who are also at an impasse in their lives.

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