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Goals, Emotions and Your Toolbox

“The greatest act of self love is to no longer accept the life you are unhappy with. It is to state the problem plainly and in a straight forward manner” Brianna Wiest.

So basically getting fed up enough to the point that you want to change things…. Awesome. I couldn’t agree more. But then...

In her book The Mountain is You, she also says we will sometimes blame other people or circumstances for the situation we are in…and says that if you’re going to be angry at anyone…. It should be yourself.

Ummm. Well….

In my experience I don’t accomplish much when I’m feeling anger or shame towards myself or anyone else.

I think that sometimes when we want to accomplish things we may have to take our emotions OUT of it. ( for that moment) Like she says a “straight forward manner”.

When I’m feeling some kind of way but I still have things to do, I try my hardest to shift my mood with tools I’ve found over the years.

DISCLAIMER… PLEASE make sure the things that are in your toolbox are things you LIKE to do.

I have clients all the time say “I just can’t sit down to journal”…

I ask, do you actually LIKE journaling or even WANT to!?!

And the answer is usually no.

Sooo yep. That was bound to go nowhere. and then guess what?!? You usually have some level of shame for not doing the thing you said you wanted to do… and we start all over again.

For me, music and movement are my go to...(could it be because I’m Neurospicy?! Yes. ) and since I’m a dancer I know the power movement has on my emotions.

( we’ll talk on a different day about to feel your feelings with movement also.)

For some it’s a podcast, calling a friend, taking a walk, journaling, going for a drive, getting dressed up, playing with your kids and pets. Whatever it is… put it in your toolbox.

When it comes to tools, they are extremely specific to YOU and are found overtime, after trial and error.

I am NOT saying I don’t feel your feelings…. I’m just saying if you need to get shit done, sometimes it’s too hard to feel your feelings in THAT moment… sit with it later for sure. And sometimes… The things don’t always get done because I need to REST and feel. But hey…. I know I have options and tools.

We’ll do a part 2 on feeling and working WITH your emotions.

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1 Comment

Mayuri Leigh
Mayuri Leigh
Nov 10, 2022

Love this love you 💜

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