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The Link Between Hydration and Anxiety

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

We all know that hydration is an important factor for our overall health, but what about our mental health? Studies have shown that there can be a link between staying properly hydrated and anxiety and depression.

First lets look at the symptoms of dehydration. They include...

- Heart Palpitations

- Dry Mouth

- High Blood Pressure

- Fatigue

- Constipation

- Sleeplessness

- Headache

- Nausea

- Irritability

Sounds like how we feel when our mood is off, we are having anxiety or feeling depressed.

Drinking water is not the only piece to this puzzle. Essential minerals that we call electrolytes ( we know those guys) come into play as a key to us being hydrated. Sodium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus are all SO important for brain and organ health. If we drink too much water and are not eating a mineral rich diet we could be loosing some of these minerals or electrolytes.

This is why drinking Gatorade is so popular after a work out or a game. We want to replenish ourselves after we sweat. But we may not have to always reach for a sugary drink. Try throwing a teaspoon of salt in your water. Eating a nutrient dense diet can help us have enough essential minerals so also.

Foods like Avocados, spinach and bananas are rich and magnesium, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and broccoli for potassium. Eggs and beans are great sources of phosphorus. Seeds, cheese, milk and canned salmon contain good amounts of calcium. Most of these foods over lap in minerals and the list of foods is much longer.

Knowing that when we feed ourselves we are feeding our mind and bodies, So next time you feel a shift in your mood, a flush of anxiety or a wave of depression, you can check in with your self and ask; "Have I drank enough water? Too much water? What have I eaten lately?"

Now by no means am I saying that drinking water and eating spinach will cure your chronic depression and anxiety, But these are good things to rule out, and I'm sure will make you feel even slightly better in the long run.

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